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Phoenix Comic Con, con’t

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton, now a renown blogger

Wil Wheaton (Next Generation’s Wesley Crusher) was there, now not only an actor, but a much beloved blogger. I’ll report on what he shared with us in another update.


Robbie Duncan McNeill

I also attended a session with Robbie Duncan McNeill (Voyager’s Lt Paris). He is now executive producer for Chuck.  I’ll report on him also in another update.


I attended several panels with Star Trek writer Morgan Gendel who wrote Next Generation’s Inner Light).  He and his fellow panelists had some fascinating points to share about writing for Star Trek and other sci-fi shows.  More on that in “Rules for Writers“.

George Takei (Sulu in TOS)

Also the delightful George Takei, the original Sulu, had some interesting comments. Look for that to come!



I quickly found that the comic con not only has interesting speakers, it also gurgles with merchandise and glitters with people dressed up in  elaborate costumes.  It’s a party!  A costume party!


Me with Guys from "The Guild"

Star Trek Action Figures

Star Trek Action Figures







I got a robot hug!

Me with a Starfleet Officer

Me with a Starfleet Officer

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