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Star Trek: Discovery


Can’t wait for Star Trek:Discovery!  It starts September 24 2017 on CBS All Access.  CBS is investing in it as a vehicle for promoting their All Access channel.  From the trailers, it looks pretty good.


CBS is starting All Access with one trial week free, $5.99 with limited commercials and $9.99 commercial free for on-demand. Like Hulu it will have all of its prime network series, but including the current season. Frankly I don’t spend that much time watching shows, but I’ll sign on just for Star Trek!


by Laurie Lee for

Star Trek: Discovery was well represented at the Star Trek Convention at Las Vegas 2017.  Here’s a link to the panel with the writers Kirsten Beyer and Ted Sullivan and executive producer Akiva Goldman.  STLV ST Discovery Writers  These guys have serious Star Trek creds!



As of 8/14/2017 I’ve spend hours trying to get CBS All Access on my Samsung Smart TV.  I installed the right CBS apps, but get to a message that I need Adobe Flash 10 to view episodes.  Samsung says “Adobe Flash cannot be installed on the TVs. Adobe removed their support on all mobile applications. ”

A workaround? Buy a Roku or Firestick.  Grrrrrrrr
However I can get All Access episodes on my Samsung smartphone and tablet by getting the app:
CBS Full Episodes and Live TV

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