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David Livingston, Star Trek Director has posted some fascinating interviews.  One I particularly enjoyed is a two part interview with Director David Livingston who has worked about 20 years on various Star Trek productions.  He started as the production manager on STNG’s “Encounter at FarPoint”, a grueling job.  I love his comment about when he was offeredSTNG fish the chance to become a director. ” I actually went into therapy to try and deal with my fears and anxieties about doing it. I took classes through the Director’s Guild. I did scene study and talked to the (TNG) editors and other directors. I went to the set to see what other people were doing and sat in with the editors. I went to our DIT school and finally Rick gave me an opportunity to direct.”  Ah yes, fears and anxieties about dreams coming true! And the willingness to do the step-by-step footwork to prepare.
Part 1
Part 2

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