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Actors Often Not Into “Mythos”

As a Trek fan, I get caught up in the story and in the characters.  I loved the mythos of TOS and TNG, the world that Kirk and Spock, that Capt. Pickard and Riker lived in. Spock and Data were practically real people to me.  To tell the truth, I cared more about the characters than about the actors who gave them life.

Going to ST conventions, I was surprised to realize that the actors weren’t talking about their characters or how they approached the role as much as they were talking about jokes they played on each other.  They didn’t seem as fascinated with the Star Trek mythos.  Brent Spiner, when asked a question about Data, admitted “I don’t know. I don’t remember.”  After working on a set, I realized why.  [to continue click here]

A Scene with Kirk- Almost

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) recently held a roundtable discussion with writers of upcoming summer blockbusters that included Roberto Orci, one of the writers of Star Trek 2009 and the much anticipated sequel. While Orci was speaking for “Cowboys and Aliens”, he mentioned a tidbit about Star Trek 2009. [for more, click here]