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Production Headaches We Take for Granted

Do you remember the days when if you filmed a picture of a TV screen, you saw black bars moving across it? You don’t see than anymore, right?  If you’re like me, you just took the change for granted, but there is a special technique behind it: 24-frame video playback.  If you’re asking “What’s that?”, click this link:

David Mack on Guidelines for Writing

Author David Mack explains the freedoms and restrictions when it comes to writing Star Trek novels.

A fan since the original series syndication days, Mack came out of film school hoping to write for Star Trek: The Next Generation. “I hit a lot of obstacles,” he said. “[Editor] John [Ordover] gave me a copy of the writers’ guidelines for the novels. I went home, read them, realized my proposal-in-progress violated every instruction on the page, and decided not to waste John’s time with it. He appreciated this gesture so much that we became friends.”

….Writing for Star Trek means making sure not to violate the canon, established in the television series and movies. “[Canon] is the primary product upon which all official licenses tie-in products – books, comics, games, merchandise, etc. – are based and with which they must be consistent,” said Mack. “This is the official decree of the Star Trek licensing office at CBS Television Consumer Products, which currently owns and controls all things related to Star Trek. Their word is law. End of story.”   …. much more freedom with their own original non-canon characters, and even with minor characters from canon Star Trek.

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