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Where did Klingon come from?

The Klingon language wasn’t heard in The Original Series of Star Trek. There were a couple of lines of Klingon in the first motion picture that were actually created by James Doohan (Scotty)! By the second motion picture, more was needed. In this CLIP, Mark Okrand, chairman of the Washington Shakepeare Company’s board, discusses how he developed the Klingon language.

Rick Berman, the former Star Trek executive producer

Here’s part 1 of an interesting interview with Executive Producer Rick Berman as he recounts the challenges of creating Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. In this part, he talks about the transition as the ailing Roddenbury pulled back from the helm.

kirk berman picard

Cpt Kirk, Berman, Cpt Picard


Here’s an interesting article on casting for Star Trek:
If you were casting, would you have spotted the potential Klingon in Michael Dorn?

Worf unveiled=Michael Dorn

Dorn as Worf

Worf, Klingon